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Jotun launched an innovative solution that brings simplicity, predictability and optimal quality to the process of marine onboard maintenance


SeaStock Management Solution will see Jotun effectively assuming full management of its customers’ onboard maintenance. This encompasses condition surveys, full ordering and logistics, direct communication with vessels, business and technical reviews, optimizing products for individual requirements, and crew education. It is the first offer of its kind on the market.

Onboard maintenance is an essential but specialized area that requires time, understanding and commitment. Often conducted in difficult conditions, by crew that may lack sufficient training, there is a risk of poor quality application – leading to premature corrosion – and excessive paint consumption. Then of course there is the commitment from management required to order, monitor and optimize the process to achieve the best efficiency, costs and results.

With SeaStock Management Solution Jotun effectively takes on board all this responsibility and professionalizes the process to achieve optimal results. This reduces hassle, frees up time and resources and, importantly, improves the condition of the assets. The solution gives complete predictability in terms of costs and allows our customers to focus on what they do best, running maritime businesses, while we focus on what we do best – protecting people and property with world leading solutions. It is a simple way to tackle what can be a complex and costly process.

The revolutionary solution is tailored to meet individual customer needs. For a set lump sum Jotun takes full control of a company’s ‘paint locker’ and ensures a mix of the best products, while educating relevant crew members, to achieve the best quality finishes, prolong maintenance intervals and achieve significant cost savings.

A major ship management company in Singapore comments: “We value Jotun’s effort to further strengthen their partnership with us through their SeaStock Management Solution. This program is helping us optimize the onboard maintenance of our fleet, have better budget control and improve the condition of our vessels.

We have reduced consumption by 15% compared to 2016, minimized the number of deliveries and simplified the product assortment resulting in smoother handling from the office and by the crew. Thanks to the quarterly business and technical reviews provided, and the close follow up from Jotun, we are always informed and in control.”

A spokesperson from DS Tankers in Germany adds: “We have tried SeaStock Management Solution with some of our tanker vessels. So far, paint consumption has been reduced by 17% compared to the previous year and by 11% compared to vessels on a conventional SeaStock contract. We have more control on our yearly spend and we get much closer follow up. We have therefore decided to continue and add more vessels to the program.”

Jotun, which provides coatings for some 25% of the world fleet, also assigns a professional in-house team to manage each customer and monitor coating condition and quality.

The smartest and most efficient way to conduct optimized onboard maintenance

Smart Pack System – Jotamastic Smart Pack and Hardtop Smart Pack.

Premium hassle-free 1:1 mixing ratio system, specially designed for brush and roller application to achieve a smooth finish.


  • Long lasting protection
    Reduced maintenance intervals due to the smooth even paint film across the substrate achieved by either brush or roller application
  • Less wastage 
    Convenient smaller tins for easy use and mixing
    Mix only what is needed, eliminating mixing errors and wastage of the paint
  • Reduced paint consumption
    The 1:1 mixing ratio makes the system easy, quick and accurate to apply
    Less wasted paint, time and money due to greater protection and prolonged maintenance intervals

In addition, Jotun supports with training of crew, onboard maintenance manuals, a worldwide delivery network and a service for reviewing your purchasing behaviour.

With more than 9 million litres of Smart Pack System products applied worldwide their greater efficiencies are proven to contribute towards a better bottom line.

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