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Jotun delivers enhanced flexibility, durability and savings with the NEW Tankguard Flexline cargo tank coating


Jotun has responded to enhanced market demand for a professional cargo tank coating that provides enhanced flexibility, better long-term performance and expanded vessel utilization with the new Tankguard Flexline. Built with Flexforce technology it ensures exceptional cargo resistance, quick port turnarounds and longer optimized performance between maintenance intervals.

In the ultra competitive tanker market, optimal vessel flexibility, efficiency and utilization are at the top of everyone’s wish list. However, the aggressive nature of cargo, which can be damage tank coatings, and lead to lengthy delays for ventilation periods after unloading, has, until now, been problematic. Tankguard Flexline has been developed to solve these pressing industry challenges. Its Flexforce technology enables vessels to carry critical and aggressive cargoes safely and efficiently in fully coated cargo tanks.

Jotun’s Solvoxirane chemistry is at the heart of this solution. Standard tank coatings typically absorb low molecular weight. However aggressive cargoes lead to swelling that stresses the structural network of the coating film. The composition of Solvoxirane provides greater coating flexibility and minimizes structural stress over repeated absorption/desorption cycles. Faster desorption times also lessens ventilation requirements and allows for a quicker turnaround resulting in enhanced vessel earnings. Typically, just one day saved on ventilation requirements equates to $14,000.00 US Dollars in savings.

The durable nature of Tankguard Flexline also extends maintenance intervals. Extending coating performance over the lifetime of a vessel can save up to $600,000 US Dollars in maintenance costs on a typical tanker.

Jotun developed the Tankguard Flexline product in response to detailed customer desire to  shorten vessel turnaround times and enhance cargo flexibility for its fleets.

Tankguard Flexline is made-to-order in three selected colours – grey, green, and pink – and is now available worldwide. Carefully selected raw materials furthermore ensure that workers, applicators and the environment are not exposed to unnecessary HSE risks.

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